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pt FORESTWISE wild keepers

PT Forestwise Wild Keepers in the Indonesian entity of Forestwise .
Forestwise is dedicated to creating #RainforestValue in order to sustain the rainforests of Borneo.

Our mission is to #StopDeforestation and create #RainforestValue by developing a market for valuable products from the rainforest and empower local people to protect the remaining forest.
By helping to maintain the wild rainforest, we also conserve wildlife, generate employment and income for local inhabitants, and safeguard fresh water, fresh air and fertile soils.

We increase the economic value of the remaining forest, and give forest communities a sound incentive for continuing to protect it. Our harvesting and processing methods are certified by Ecocert with the Fair for Life certificate. We also offer certified organic products.

PT Forestwise Wild Keepers employs 30 people in the peak season, who work in finance, production, buying of raw materials and socialization.

PT FORESTWISE wild keepers team

OUR products

ingredients for cosmetic AND FOOD applications

Illipe butter

Kukui Nut oil (Kemiri Oil)

Virgin coconut oil

Arenga sugar

Buah Merah oil



Forestwise Office & Factory Indonesia
PT Forestwise Wild Keepers
Jalan Nenak – Sungai Ringin
Desa Anggah Jaya
Sintang 78617

Email: info@thewildkeepers.com


Bank name: Maybank
Bank branche: Sintang
Bank account number: 859.100.3584
Bank account name: PT Forestwise Wild Keepers
Swift code: IBBKIDJA